Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bruising storm leaves damage across the state

Arizona: "High winds late Thursday blew a huge tent sheltering the cars onto a nearby freeway at about the same time there were unconfirmed reports of a tornado in the area..."

Arizona took stock of the damage Friday from a powerful winter storm that swept a 6-year-old boy to his presumed death, flooded a handful of communities, caved in roofs in Flagstaff and made a shambles of a host of expensive collector cars set for auction.
Though much of Arizona, including the Valley, was relieved that the brutish winter storm had not delivered as strong a punch as was feared, there remained a possibility that more precipitation could be on its way to some parts of the state. The Phoenix forecast calls for partly cloudy skies today with a chance of showers, while more storms could hit the high country next week. Read More