Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gratitude guide: six simple ways to give thanks

"Giving and receiving are one in truth. What you offer returns to you multiplied. "

North Bay Practical Spirituality Examiner - by Amara Rose

Offer an ear. The greatest need most people have is to be heard. You can listen someone into healing just by being fully present to receive what they want to share. This is mutual gift giving.

Offer a hand. When you spot your elderly neighbor out raking leaves, wander over and ask to assist; suggest you need the exercise. He may be longing for someone to talk to, so you'll be a double dose of gratitude.
Name those you love. Think of all the people you love, and start naming them out loud. Reach back in memory to former teachers, old school pals, people who've helped you along life's journey. As you continue to name them, you're acknowledging the gift they've been in your life... Read Entire Article