Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Healing the bias of 2012

by Angelika Whitecliff

Conjecture about our near future is gaining momentum because of a very specific catalytic date: December 21, 2012. The ancient Mayans had a great civilization and astronomers who were able to calculate an astonishingly accurate, intricate astronomical calendar that lasted tens of thousands of years. It mysteriously concludes on December 21, 2012, thus creating waves of speculation. Yet many indigenous cultures around the world, including Native American, tell of the arrival of the Golden Age, one in which humanity evolves to its next level exemplified by harmonious and conscious relationships with the planet and with cosmic ancestors who will reintroduce themselves. In contradiction, there are new and old doomsday prophecy’s that ignore ideas of a new beginning to instead warn of inevitable collapse and disaster. Many wonder how to reconcile these contradictory viewpoints, and how to most wisely proceed into a future mined with falling financial markets, corporate corruption and global climate change.

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