Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Global warming could spark more deadly fires in Australia, expert warns

Jim Gould picked up the paper Sunday and was smacked with the news that more than 100 of his countrymen had perished the day before in raging wildfires.
One of Australia's top bushfire experts, Mr. Gould is currently seconded to Canada's federal forestry service. As he began to puzzle over how deadly fires were allowed to eat up nearly 400,000 hectares of his homeland over the weekend, it occurred to Mr. Gould that he may have missed the natural disaster of his lifetime.
Or, if his grim hunch is correct, maybe not.
"If global warming continues, we could be expecting more and more of these types of events," he said. "It's quite shocking that in this day and age ... we're still experiencing these things. It just goes to show you the power of nature with fires and floods. Sometimes you just can't manage that."

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