Thursday, January 08, 2009

Tap-tap-tapping into the body's intelligence

by Caroline Cooney, NY Spirituality and Paranormal Examiner

Our bodies have a highly sophisticated intelligence. The cells in every system in our bodies communicate constantly with each other to ensure our survival, but psychological and physical trauma, or simply the long-term effects of everyday stress, can cause these systems to malfunction, making us more susceptible to health and emotional problems.
Can we undo this damage, clear out the accumulation of stress and trauma that our bodies hold? We can, says New Yorker, Laura Hames, a certified practitioner of BodyTalk, a non-invasive therapy that utilizes biofeedback and a series of tapping and eye movements to promote healing and well being.
Laura first heard about BodyTalk after her close friend and fellow dancer (a New York City Rockette), who suffered through months of debilitating and painful back spasms, was cured after a single BodyTalk session. Laura, a certified Pilates and dance instructor with a BA in Dance and Theater Performance, quickly realized BodyTalk was the natural next step for her
Through the use of a “muscle-testing” biofeedback technique, a BodyTalk practitioner communicates with the body, identifies where there are imbalances or discord, and then, through a series of tapping on the head (stimulating the brain) and sternum (stimulating the heart), signals the body to "rebalance" those areas.
One analogy is that of a computer that no longer responds quickly to a command; instead it freezes, or is otherwise slow and ineffective as a result of various processes, or the computer's "memory", becoming clogged with corrupted or useless files. Essentially, BodyTalk is meant to act as a re-boot for your body and mind – a purging of your physiological, psychological and energetic "cache”.

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