Saturday, January 10, 2009

Commentary: Humans are called to higher consciousness

During many years of human development, neuroscientists believe there are several discerned levels of maturation in the human brain. Where are we in the 21st century?
Reptilian level: Who would know better than people living in Louisiana that alligators fear nothing and will attack anything that comes in their pathway? As humans developed, the reptilian "attack mode" diminished. However, we still witness human behavior of the reptilian quality. Warfare is a manifestation of injustices, deprivation of necessary resources for survival and, most of all, a horrible failure in diplomacy.
Mammalian level: Chief Seattle said, "If the animals were to disappear, we will die a spiritual death." By our alienation from nature, we are indeed starving spiritually.
Above those inferior ways of behavior remains the highest level: With divine intervention attainment of the highest level is our salvation as a species capable of self-destruction.

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