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Russia Plans to Save Earth From Rogue Asteroid; ‘No Nuclear Explosions,’ Space Chief Promises

'God bless us, every one'

Titan lake: Stunning Nasa image confirms surface liquid on Saturn's largest moon

Philippine volcano gets louder, could erupt soon

Washington area digs out from record-setting snowfall

To Deflect an Asteroid, Try a Lasso, Not a Nuke

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Divorce has negative impact on the environment

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2012 Doomsday? Best Selling Bible Scholar Reveals 'The Ancient's Deepest Secrets'

From NASA: 2012: Beginning of the End or Why the World Won't End?

Crazy Weather

50,000 dead starfish found on Irish beach

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Meteor explodes over Indonesia

Cosmic pattern to UK tree growth

Mt. Kilimanjaro Ice Cap Continues Rapid Retreat


The real Cassandra of the crisis

Lost Greek city that may have inspired Atlantis myth gives up secrets

Native American Chief Addresses Deaths In Sweat Lodge

The Nobel Prize: A Tool For Shifting Consciousness?

Dangerous Hurricane Rick still growing off Mexico

Leader of controversial church group dies

Google Earth Unveils New Climate Change Map, Al Gore Narrates

2012 Isn't The End Of The World, Mayans Insist

Two South Pacific earthquakes unlikely to be connected, say seismologists

Philippines raises alert for new super typhoon

UFO classified technology and the secret space program / It's time to blow your mind

Earthquake hits near Mexicali, felt in Yuma

Asteroid Juno Grabs the Spotlight

Report on global warming predicts dire Illinois consequences

Schwarzenegger to Obama: Declare drought disaster in Calif.

Drought Continues to Plague Australia’s Breadbasket

Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production

Putin outlines plan to aid farmers suffering from drought

100-degree heat, drought, killing Texas cattle

Talking About Nonduality

Australia's extreme weather

Farmers That Plant Trees New Allies in Climate-Change Battle

Another Little Ice Age? Solar activity and climate change

Predicted Ground Motions For Great Earthquake In Pacific Northwest: Seattle, Victoria And Vancouver

Typhoons trigger slow earthquakes

Asteroid Probe Set to "Collide" With Earth

Greece suffers summer fires

Deaths from global warming expected to rise as Earth changes, scientists say

Greenland ice melt may cause dramatic change of northeast coasts

Study looks for Earth-like water worlds

Giant Blob Found Deep Beneath Nevada

Magnetic Vortex Switch Leads to Electric Pulse

Earth-like planet discovered

Study links wildfires in Sierra to climate change

Estimating the orbit of Planet X

On This Day: San Francisco Struck by Devastating Earthquake

Key role of forests 'may be lost'

Why Have The Beatles Returned to Maharishi?

Climate clock is ticking

Swarm of earthquakes dies down but concern lingers

Mapping Sea-Level Rise

Glaciers Around The Globe Continue To Melt At High Rates

New York Flood Risk to Grow as Weaker Currents Raise Sea Level

Worst Floods in Nearly 50 Years Hit Namibia, Neighboring Countries

Obama cites North Dakota floods in call for climate change action

Michelle Obama To Plant White House Edible Garden

Three Lessons We Still Haven't Learned 20 Years After the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Healing the bias of 2012