Saturday, November 01, 2008

No More Fairy Tales

By Andrew Cohen
Two Western spiritual teachers came for a visit last week. One was American; one was English. They both claimed to be enlightened. They actually told me they were. And I think, to some degree, it was true. They both had undergone many powerful transformative spiritual episodes and were considered by some to be masters or gurus in their own right. They both had a light in their eyes, the unmistakable shine of consciousness that has been awakened beyond the veil of the separate self-sense. They both radiated and transmitted the personal kindness and inspired enthusiasm for life unique to spiritually awakened individuals. They also both spoke nonstop about their own lives, their own work, their own beliefs and their excitement about their own futures. We didn’t really have two-way conversations. Fortunately, I’m a good listener. I genuinely enjoyed their company, but I remember what struck me after the second meeting had ended was that they both shared a view common among spiritual adepts that I believe is out of date. (Even enlightened people have to keep up with the times, have to continue to evolve, have to keep moving forward.) They both kept referring to the popular refrain among nontraditional “mystical” believers that “something’s happening in consciousness.” And because something mysterious and powerful is happening at the mystic level — the deepest unseen internal level — for an individual, a group of individuals or many groups of individuals, then a big external “shift” is imminent.
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