Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Arctic Explorer Opens Up on Earth Day

Three Weeks In, Will Steger Talks From the Front Lines of Global Warming


Explorer Will Steger and six young adventurers in their 20s have been traveling across the Canadian Arctic for the past four weeks, following in the footsteps of other legendary polar explorers. As they journey across the ice, the team's goal is to chronicle the effects of climate change on the area.

The team is just days away from visiting an ice shelf that detached from the Canadian Arctic a few years ago; some experts point to the break as clear evidence of climate change.
Steger spoke to ABCNEWS.com via satellite phone from his tent Monday morning.

ABCNEWS.com: Why did you decide to do this?
Steger: First of all, I wanted an eyewitness to the changes. I wanted to take our audience on the Internet and show them firsthand what's happening. When you're living in the city, you're in a controlled atmosphere. Up here traveling for so many years, I've really seen the changes.
One of the reasons I'm working with the younger generation is this is really their problem. If we're going to make major changes it's going to come from the youth. …

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