Friday, March 07, 2008

Energy Medicine and It's Uses

by Mike Hussey

The human body is an electromagnetic unit. Electricity makes the heart beat and muscles expand and contract, and fires impulses across tiny fibers in the nervous system to make possible our every thought, mood, and physical reaction. Energy medicine, or vibrational medicine, is a form of therapy in which the patient's own electromagnetic, or energy, field is used to promote wellness or healing. Energy medicine consists of a variety of therapeutic modalities, each of which has its own healing frequency, or energetic waveband.Throughout history, the peoples of many nations have used various forms of vibrational energy for healing. Most traditional cultures identify some form of a basic life force flowing from a universal creator. In China it's called chi; in ancient Greece, pneuma; in India, prana; in Japan, qi. To the native peoples of the North American continent, this force is known as the flow of spirit. To all these peoples, the life force is the basis of physical, psychological, and spiritual health. These subtle, unseen energies are in corporated in the therapeutic vibrational methods of the different modalities, as healers work to enhance or rebalance this life force, strengthening it where it's weak, and modulating it where it's excessive.

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