Monday, February 04, 2008

Rising sea levels will affect Oregon Coast in big way, experts say

By Winston Ross The Register-Guard

NEWPORT — In a room built for 100 people at the Hatfield Marine Science Center library, an Australian-born expert on global warming gives a presentation about rising sea levels with all the sex appeal of a dry classroom lecture. There are no slides of cities falling into the ocean, of millions migrating across bridges at capacity to escape flooded urban streets, of adorable overheated polar bears. But that doesn’t stop a standing-room-only crowd from spilling out into the hallways, requiring a separate room where overflow attendees of the free lecture can watch on video feed. If the causes of climate change are puzzling to the general public, this much is as clear as the water in a shrinking alpine lake: Rising sea levels can and will affect the Oregon Coast in a big way. The only question is how much, and where.

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