Sunday, February 03, 2008

News From Mother: Consciousness and Conscience

"Homo sapiens is a remarkable species. Maybe we should take a moment, now and then, to appreciate just how unusual we are."

Generally, the Earth’s plants and animals are concerned only with propagating their own kind. Natural controls — predators, disease, starvation — keep things in balance. But humans seem different in two important ways. First, thus far we have been highly successful at fending off those natural population controls. As a result, we enjoy the unprecedented benefits of civilization. At the same time, though, the world’s human population is growing rapidly.

Second, many of us have noticed that current human activities are threatening other species and the Earth’s natural systems. There’s no other species — as far as we know — that considers its impact on the environment. Given that we seem to be the only species that has developed this ability, maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised that we’re having a tough time getting the hang of it.

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