Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Metahistory is the quest for a future myth about humanity, a story of our own making that aligns our hearts and minds to intimacy with Gaia, the living earth. Having realized that humanity is a species endangered by its beliefs, we propose to go beyond history, ever mindful that the path ahead is not ours alone, not solely a human prerogative, but the way of all sentient beings.

Closely aligned with deep ecology, and going deeper, our quest explores the power of human potential to shape society, serve the earth, and co-evolve with the non-human world. The shift for the human species now is less a change of events than a change in how events are told, a passage into mythmaking that can inspire in us a future worth living. is the sister site to Dedicated to the preservation of oral traditions and emergent communities in a planet-friendly future, it features a range of recorded material and podcasts. Joanna Harcourt-Smith, who runs the site, has exclusive access to the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers who are featured in interviews on site, along with other leading-edge visionaries and veterans of alternative living. adds yet another dimension to the Marion Institute's commitment to networking in the global perspective.

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