Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jesus and Deepak in Midtown

"Throughout history, many people gave us Christ consciousness, as Jesus did," Chopra responds. "But Jesus gave us his story--which many have rightly called, 'the greatest story ever told.'"

by Alison Rose Levy

Last night Deepak Chopra spoke of Jesus. It was the eve of the publication of his book, The Third Jesus, (Harmony, 2008) which is currently a high-ranking Amazon bestseller. Dressed in an elegant black Sherwani, (an Indian long coat with a Nehru collar), Chopra stepped forward from the nave of Manhattan's St. Mary the Virgin Church, and positioned himself between the first rows of pews, speaking casually to the six hundred people assembled by the New York Open Center.

"When Jesus said, 'I'm the son of God,'" Chopra tells the audience, "His meaning wasn't 'I'm the son of the Boss,' or I'm his son and you're not.'" Instead, in Chopra's view, that declaration invites us all to realize our own divinity. While Chopra honors what he calls the first two Jesus: Jesus, the real man, and the Jesus, "built up over thousands of years by theologians and ...scholars," Deepak focuses attention on the third Jesus, a model/teacher of universal/Christ consciousness.

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