Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Deep Freeze Breaks Cold Weather Records

Parts of Minnesota Hit 40 Below With Wind Chill; Icy Weather Blasts Much of U.S.

Across much of the country, frigid winter weather is bringing the coldest temperatures on record, including a 40-below wind chill in parts of Minnesota. From Duluth, Minn., where Lake Superior steams in subzero cold, to Rhode Island, temperatures are frozen in the single digits, or worse. In Chicago, meteorologists report it feels like 15 below with the wind chill.
"It's just brutally cold, absolutely brutally cold," said Chicago resident Judy Mosher.
The temperature fell to 40 below in Embarrass, Minn. That's just one degree above the all-time record in Minneapolis, 250 miles to the south, that was set in January 1888.

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