Monday, January 14, 2008

Trio of quakes off B.C. coast remarkable, but not alarming says scientist

SIDNEY, B.C. - In earthquake-prone British Columbia, which experiences about 1,500 quakes a year, a preoccupation with The Big One is never far from the surface.
It breaks through almost every time a quake does more than rattle the kitchen glassware. So it wasn't surprising when the airwaves buzzed with Big One talk after three sizable temblors rocked the ocean floor off the West Coast.
A magnitude 6.5 quake was recorded just after 3 a.m. local time last Saturday under the Pacific Ocean south of the Queen Charlotte Islands.
A second, similar-sized quake occurred about 45 minutes later in roughly the same location.
Wednesday morning, a third quake, measured at magnitude 6.1, was traced to the same spot.
Enough to send ripples through quake-sensitive British Columbians who wondered whether this cluster of large shakers might not be a precursor for The Big One.
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