Monday, January 14, 2008

Gnostics insights suggest combating Global Warming requires consciousnesses to countervail Manipulative Extraterrestrials

From the Canadian National Newspaper

"Global Warming that is associated with disruptive climate change, is occurring on planet Earth, because a lower-dimensional consciousness has so directed its thought against humanity."

Humanity continues to lose the battle against Global Warming, because humanity has been mislead about the apparent root cause of this catastrophic environmental problem. Understanding the apparent root cause of the Global Warming problem, would empower humanity to focus its efforts on redressing that root cause. Currently, humanity is being mislead not only by Big Business interests, that have been commonly linked to government, but also by Big Environmental groups. Big Business and Big Environmental groups, are metaphorically two heads on the same body. The apparent conflict that these groups generate in the mass-media, is apparent political theatre, designed to confuse and mislead humanity with outright disinformation or "half-truths", which are portrayed as the "whole truth".

One of the best examples of this context is a former leader of the Greens in Canada, whose support clients included various Big Business interests associated with Petroleum and with other environmentally destructive interests. Have you ever been in the offices of these large supposedly pro-Environment conservation organizations, and noticed that the vibe of the place and the self-absorbed attitudes of management, is somewhat similar to the kinds of attitudes that one might find in various large corporations? If you did, you are beginning to appreciate the shared consciousness of these organizations.
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