Friday, July 03, 2015

Climate change will see parts of cities under water - Robinson

[Irish Times] Many people living along the coast of cities could find their homes under water with even a moderate sea-level change, former Irish president Mary Robinson has warned.
The United Nations special envoy for climate change said it was predicted 200 million people could be climate displaced people by the end of the century.
“And, if we are not careful, by 2050,” she said.

“We are talking about the fact that an awful lot of people live on the coast in parts of cities will be under water if sea levels rise by even a fairly moderate amount. And the prediction with the 4-degree world will be three times that.”
The former president said although the global goal was stay below 2 degrees, scientists had told her the earth was on course for 4 degrees over this time frame.
Ms Robinson said families in the Pacific Islands were faced with a “real threat to their existence” because of climate change.
“I see communities faced every day with the erosions of their gardens, of their walls,” she said.
“It’s quite incredible that families are faced with a real threat to their existence, in some cases, and certainly to their food production.”
She said a 4-degree rise would be “catastrophic” if it happened.
“It is cyclones beyond belief. It is whole cities like Miami going underwater. And we’re facing that,” she said. Read More

Wild And Weird Weather Is The New Normal Plus "Planet X" Shows Up

(The author of this article is an old friend and he has covered many prophecies and their possibilities for several years now. I don't agree with everything in this article, but what I do find interesting is confluence on several points. First, the I AM America prophecies explain a time of "two suns." When the two suns appear we will enter a new state of consciousness - possibly the positive shift we all eagerly await. Also, the 6-Map Scenario, an I AM America Map, shares a possible earth changes scenario - the "Time of the Two Moons." While this prophecy is quite a bit down the timeline, it may match some of the prophecies surround the theories of Planet X. In my opinion the weird climate is due to Climate Change. The Spiritual Teachers warned as early as 1989 that this would be the main change, along with severe economic worldwide breakdowns that would signal the "Time of Change." There was never any specifics if this was caused by a warming solar system or man-made - either by carbon emissions or the Chemtrail/Harp theory. To summarize the I AM America material on this topic, global warming and climate change were likely coming, but collective consciousness could and would make a difference, even in the most dire of prophecies. Literally, "A Change of Heart can Change the World." - Lori)

by Craig Howell
It’s hard to think about what is happening in the heavens when we are trying so hard just to live our lives day to day. But I think it is good to sometimes think about the bigger picture, as it does affect our daily existence and will in the times to come. It also gives us more perspective on climate issues, which really hit home when it comes to shopping for food and taking care of our bodies.   

Earth right now has a wobble. I’m not sure for how long this has been occurring, but it has been a while. So we are spinning around on the axis and we get into this motion that looks like what happens when a spinning top loses its momentum and starts to slow down, creating this gyrating, drunken motion. This in turn creates some crazy climate issues. (There are manmade problems as well, due to the use of weather control – chemtrails, HAARP and who knows what else). 

Lynn, from Psychic Focus Blog ( ), has answered questions from readers about this effect and other things going on with Earth and our solar system right now.      

Lynn believes that there is a "solar system in tandem with ours" that has moved in and is making contact with us now. It revolves around what she calls a "sister sun" and the planets in that system are starting to get close enough to have an effect on our outer planets, and us. She says, “…it’s not going to collide with Earth, it’s not going to knock us off of our axis." So that is somewhat reassuring.

On a side note, Ryan Michaels ( ), who contributed to my book, “2012 Messages”, had said that he saw that at one time in the future one of the moons of the outer planets would be there one minute and gone the next. This would make sense if there is a strong gravitational force that knocks a moon out of its orbit.

Soon, Lynn says that the gravitational forces will be affecting Earth, making it wobble even more, thus producing even more erratic weather and earth changes. She is predicting "…bitter cold temperatures followed by moderate to warm…" happening throughout 2015. Record highs and lows everywhere on Earth. She sees all this as beginning now, reaching an intensity in about ten years, then leveling off as the system moves on.

She says in a strange twist, because of the crazy weather affecting crops, Monsanto and its GMO seed, which is genetically created to handle severe conditions, will be wanted by some to offset the growing conditions. (I think we need to use greenhouses with organic produce instead.)

In a side note, GMO’s are pretty much pervasive in our food supply now, and this includes what animals are fed, too. There are still many areas of the world that will not use this “franken-seed” (Europe banned it pretty much as soon as it came out in the 90s). When I asked a Kuan Yin channel about this GMO food, she said that it creates little “stuck” places where the food just doesn’t get used, but is stored in the body, as the body does not know what to do with it. On the good side, if your vibratory rate is high enough, she said you will just pass it right through, but that you get little or no nutritional value from it.

Along with this sister system comes what Lynn has termed "the red comet", which is not a comet, but a large planet that has this reddish look and a hazy “tail” (see the image) that is part of that system. Many have asked her if this is "Niburu" or "Planet X", a planet that has been foretold to appear in our skies, and which has been referred to in Earth's past, when this other solar system has cycled through before. To this she is unsure at this time, but thinks it may be. Read More

Saturday, June 27, 2015

On the trail of Chemtrails

[AmericanFreePress] The Chemtrails Connection: interview with Elana Freeland
How far will the global elite go to gain total control of the planet? Judging from the way our own government eavesdrops and spies on the entire planet, the recent moves to force vaccinations on everyone, and the general development of the police state, it would be safe to say that the powers-that-be have no bounds.
According to historiographer Elana Freeland, the globalists’ ultimate prize is control of Earth’s ionosphere in order to control the weather and use it as a weapon to control the world’s population. And ominously, as she so eloquently reveals in her book Chemtrails, HAARP, and the “Full Spectrum Dominance” of Planet Earth, they are on course to do just that.
As Ms. Freeland states in her introduction, “A real conspiracy is underway, composed of Air Force personnel, weather forecasters, civil air traffic controllers, pilots, media, environmental agencies and associations, senators, representatives, physicians, and scientists in denial of service and breach of duty to inform and protect the public.”
The ionosphere, lying at an altitude from around 37 to 370 miles from the surface of the Earth, “plays an important part in atmospheric electricity” and “influences radio propagation to distant places on the Earth.” After Nicolas Tesla discovered the importance of the ionosphere in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the United States government proceeded to destroy him and gain control of his genius. Since then, the elite have been making steady progress to harness control of the atmosphere, going so far as launching nuclear warheads into space.
“Throughout the 1950s and 1960s,” wrote Ms. Freeland, “more than 300 megatons of nuclear bombs were exploded in the atmosphere.”
At the heart of the elite’s plan to gain control of the atmosphere is the unrestricted spraying of chemicals, or “chemtrails,” in the ionosphere across most of the globe, to work in conjunction with a research project of the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA. Read More
Click Here to Listen to the Interview
The Chemtrails Connection