Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How some children have memories of reincarnation

KUSA - It's not unusual for little boys to have vivid imaginations, but Ryan's stories were truly legendary.
His mother Cyndi said it all began with horrible nightmares when he was 4 years old. Then when he was 5 years old, he confided in her one evening before bed.
"He said mom, I have something I need to tell you," she told TODAY. "I used to be somebody else."
The preschooler would then talk about "going home" to Hollywood, and would cry for his mother to take him there. His mother said he would tell stories about meeting stars like Rita Hayworth, traveling overseas on lavish vacations, dancing on Broadway, and working for an agency where people would change their names.
She said her son even recalled that the street he lived on had the word "rock" in it.
"His stories were so detailed and they were so extensive, that it just wasn't like a child could have made it up," she said.
Cyndi said she was raised Baptist and had never really thought about reincarnation. So she decided to keep her son's "memories" a secret— even from her own husband.
Privately, she checked out books about Hollywood from the local library, hoping something inside would help her son make sense of his strange memories and help her son cope with his sometimes troubling "memories."
"Then we found the picture, and it changed everything," she said.
That photo, in one of the books from the library, was a publicity shot from the 1932 movie "Night After Night," starring Mae West in her film debut.
"She turns to the page in the book, and I say 'that's me, that's who I was,' Ryan remembers. Read More

Return to Life: For more than a decade, Jim Tucker has traveled the country meeting families, hearing stories like these, and trying to determine if the children’s memories are valid.  Continuing a fifty-year research project at the University of Virginia involving children from all over the world, he decided to focus on cases in the United States, where parents would not expect their children to say such things.

A first-person account of his experiences with a number of extraordinary children, Return to Life follows Dr. Tucker on his investigations.  Readers see him taking a young boy and his mother to a remote island the boy has talked about repeatedly, working to identify a man in a photograph whom a little boy says he used to be, and meeting a young golfing prodigy who has said he was the famous golfer, Bobby Jones.  One little girl talks about a great fire; another recalls walking along a dusty road before being kidnapped by two men in a car.

By the end of Return to Life, readers will conclude that Dr. Tucker has amassed persuasive evidence that some children do possess actual memories of previous lives. He then puts the cases in the context of current scientific understandings and concludes with his vision about what the cases say about the question of life after death for all of us. Read More

California Has Only One Year of Water Supply Left

[Science TimesA senior scientist at NASA has recently presaged that California has enough water to serve its citizens for only one more year.  
What NASA Says?
There are several reasons behind this brisk depletion of water supply. Famiglietti, an expert water management scientist working at Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, has expressed his thoughts in LA Times's editorial column published in the previous week.
In this column, Famiglietti speaks about the existing water levels of California and highlights the contribution of populace into water management.
According to Famiglietti, California should create strategic plans for unforeseen events so as to build power to fight against unrelenting droughts similar to this one. It is completely futile to stay in such disaster situations. No preset paddles are available to find a way through this crisis. The water management of the state is multifaceted and a bit complicated; however the expertise and recent trends in technology exist to win over this traumatic future.
Since 2002, prior to the draught commenced, California has constantly shown a stable declination in its water storage. Scientists at NASA are testing the role of climate into this drought. They strongly believe that the climate changes can pull a drought like situation. A recent experiment carried out by Stanford Researchers proved that soaring temperature increases the possibility of droughts.
Advice to Public:
At last, Famiglietti provides a warm advice to the citizens of California that they should preserve water to prevent the biggest drought ahead. A team of state's leading water management specialists should be created. This team should be free from the agencies and private organizations.
This team should sketch some long-lasting and enduring plans to fight against water scarcity like issues. A "Mega-Drought" which is supposed to continue for up to 35 years can be defeated through proper management of current resources of water.

Ancient Doomsday Asteroid Impact Found in Australia

Two vast underground domes are buried under central Australia that researchers have realized are the scars of the biggest and most powerful asteroid impact yet found on Earth. They appear to have been caused by a massive asteroid that broke in two, serving our planet and all life on it with a devastatingly powerful double-punch.
Embedded in the crust 30 kilometers (19 miles) deep, in rock that is 300-600 million years old, the double impact crater has long gone, buried by geological processes, but its imprint in Earth’s crust remains. It covers a vast impact zone some 400 kilometers (250 miles) wide in the Warburton Basin in Central Australia.
“The two asteroids must each have been over 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) across — it would have been curtains for many life species on the planet at the time,” said Andrew Glikson from the Australian National University’s School of Archaeology and Anthropology.
Compared with the famous Chicxulub crater under the Yucat√°n Peninsula in Mexico, which is famous for causing the extinction of the dinosaurs some 66 million years ago, this Australian impact zone is a monster. The Chicxulub crater is 180 kilometers (110 miles) in diameter and was caused by a single 10 kilometer-wide asteroid; the Warburton Basin impact zone is over twice that size, caused by two Chicxulub-sized impactors.
The discovery came when a geothermal research project drilled out rock from South Australia and the Northern Territory that had been turned to glass; a tell-tale sign that an ancient impact had delivered a very energetic blow. But only on further investigation did Glikson’s team realize the extent of the the impact.
Magnetic modeling of the crust throughout the region revealed bulges, rich in iron and magnesium, pushing upward into the Earth’s crust. These bulges originated from the Earth’s mantle — the thick layer of rock that separates the core from the crust — acting as ancient bruises left over by the cataclysmic impacts. Read More

Friday, March 13, 2015

Daily Meditation: Freedom Of Spirit

[Huffington Post]
We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness exercises can be part of bringing spirituality alive in your life.
Today's meditation features a video of Benedictine monks singing a Gregorian chant. As the notes stream through your consciousness, feel the freedom of expresing yourself spiritually and mystically in new ways.